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Theodore Wells Pietsch II was an American automobile stylist and industrial designer who managed to launch a career in automobile design that took him over a period of 38 years to nearly every major automobile company in the nation. In late 1934, Pietsch left Baltimore for Detroit where he began his career under Ken Lee as a junior draftsman for the Chrysler Corporation. In 1952 he moved from Detroit to South Bend, Indiana, to join Raymond Loewy and Associates, which at the time held the Studebaker design contract. Working for Raymond Loewy and Associates, which at that time was responsible for all Studebaker styling, was a unique experience. The designers' mentor was Studebaker head designer Bob Bourke. Randal D. Faurot, newly appointed head of styling, called on Pietsch to help rebuild the department, offering him a position as his assistant. Frustrated over management's abrupt decision to cancel a project for an all-new version of the Studebaker Lark for 1962 — Pietsch was forced to leave Studebaker. Bullet Nose Gallery Avanti Art Gallery
Ted Pietsch
Ted Pietsch in his personal design environment.
Theodore Wells PietschTheodore Wells Pietsch 1956 white and red speedster.
1944 Yellow RoadsterTheodore Wells Pietsch 1944 yellow roadster.
Studebaker Pickup TruckA Studebaker pick-up truck.
1958 Studio desinDesign for an all new 1958 Studebaker sedan.
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